Thorvin Electronics
Educational, Sound and Communications and Computer Control Specialists

Thorvin Electronics are a distributor of quality audio electronic products and systems. We support Canadian communications dealers across the country. We have recently added video and digital signage solutions, to better serve our client base. Whether you are looking for classroom control system, language labs, assistive listening products or a solution for any of you AV needs, Contact Thorvin.

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Computer Control Solutions

Computer Control products including:

  • Minicom
  • SP Controls Audio Visual Control Systems
  • Applica Thin Client Solutions
  • SmartAVI Smart Audio Video Integration
Language Labs

Language Learning products including:

  • Sanako Language Labs
  • Minicom
  • Plus Deck
  • Chattervox
  • SP Controls
  • SchoolPhones
Sound and Communication Products

Products including:

  • Auditel Conference Systems
  • Azden Wireless
  • Barix
  • Chattervox
  • Paso
  • PentaClass
  • SP Controls
  • Sabine
  • Sacom
  • Sound Projections
  • Thorvin/Chiayo
Hearing Assist Products

Hearing Assist products including:

  • Williams Sound Infrared and FM wireless assistive hearing products
  • Pocketalkers
  • Personal FM systems
Digital Signage Products

Digital Signage products including:

  • Comqi products
  • Applica Digital Signage
  • SmartAVI
  • Aavara HDMI
  • BrightSign
  • TRu Touch Monitors