MUV Interactive
BIRD by MUV Interactive

What is Bird™

Bird is a tiny wearable that transforms any space into a 3D interactive environment.

Touch, push, pull, swipe and grab your content from anywhere in the room; You are not limited by your location. You are limited only by imagination.

Bird attaches to your index finger and communicates directly with your smartphone, PC or tablet - it’s the true meaning of being free.

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Bird™ for Professionals

Bird is a game changer for anyone who has ever needed to get their professional message across.

It intensifies the experience of demonstrating a product, a service or working as a team with your colleagues.

Simply place Bird on your finger and get ready to give your listeners the most unique visual experience they have ever experienced. But Bird is more than a means to impactful presentations. From surgical and medical applications to guiding groups in museums and monuments. From a group of architects presenting building schematics to a team of engineers on the manufacturing floor or facilitating tasks for decision makers in a digital command center. Any business-client relationship will only benefit with the enhanced visual and interactive experiences that only Bird offers in one package.

Meeting Rooms

Bird™ for the Corporate Meeting Rooms

Using everyday projectors or TV panels, Bird makes your business projects become interactive by taking your presentation, your management plan and your digital content and giving you and your fellow team members the ultimate collaboration experience.

One person interacting on one digital project is a thing of the past. Today’s meetings require the input of the entire team on board and Bird delivers with its multiple-user face enabling technology and its compatibility with universally used systems of Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. Bird is the next generation’s must-have solution for visual interactions on any surface in any boardroom, meeting room or auditorium.


Bird™ for Home

There are no limits to Bird being used in the home. Bird is the next all-in-one solution for your flat screen TVs, Smart homes appliances, virtual and augmented reality entertainment and even drones!

With Bird, you can be free to interact with your smartphone content without being chained to your device. Use your flat screen television to do everything you love to do on your smartphone and transform it into a touchscreen – without actually having to touch it! But Bird is not just for today’s technology. It’s also ready for the technology of tomorrow. Smart homes. Virtual and augmented reality. Internet of things are just the beginning of what you can do with Bird. Lower the lights, start your coffee machine, open your window – all from where you’re sitting in your living room. Leave our home, go outside and experience the thrill of controlling a drone like a wizard by simple waving your hands in the air!


Bird™ for Education

Bird brings learning to life. By freeing the educator from the constraints of screen based equipment, they are free to engage students while utilizing interactive content from anywhere in the classroom and on any surface.

And with the possibility of using Bird with up to 10 users simultaneously, teachers can work with their students an unprecedented levels. Students also get the chance to exchange ideas and work with their peers better than ever before.