Sacom Mission Critical Audio

SACOM™ DS8400/8800 Receiver Mainframes:

Sacom Mission Critical Audio

The SACOM™ Digital Spectrum series outputs a completely digital wireless signal from transmitter to receiver. This digital transmission gives SACOM™ the ability to tailor wireless audio devices to specific application environments.

The VBR (Variable Bit Rate) adjustment comes standard in all DS series products. VBR allows the engineer to balance the bit rate of the digital signal with the wireless system's channel count. At full bit rate, the system maximizes the sonic quality of the transmission, where the DS series wireless systems can be used as a completely full and flat frequency response microphone for a singer or a loud speaker "room" tuning measurement device.

Maximum channel mode allows for a 64-person conference where each participant can have their own wireless microphone. The DS engine's RF technology allows for secure transmissions via certified data encryption without adding latency. Sacom™ offers models with certified 256-bit encryption levels giving your venue the privacy and security you require. Sacom™ wireless systems are also available without the encryption feature. The DS engine allows the construction of the receivers and transmitters to be ultra-low profile, maximizing rack unit density. These systems provide ergonomic comfort as well as meeting the architectural needs of any end-user while keeping the ruggedness and durability for any "road-worn" system.

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